Hey, there!

I’m a Product Designer based in the New York Area.

I create thoughtful experiences that drive customer engagement and business results while having fun!

I’m currently a Sr. UX Designer at Amazon Payments Products,
and I have over 9 years of experience.

My Experience

some facts and who I am

My Experience Path:

Sr. UX Designer (L6)
Payments Products, Amazon.com, East Coast
— Oct 2022 – Present

Product Design Team Lead
Digital Communications, J.P.Morgan & Chase, New York City
— Nov 2021 – Aug 2022

Lead User Experience Designer
Advisor Platforms, J.P.Morgan & Chase, New York City
— Apr 2021 – Nov 2021

Lead User Experience Designer
Lending for U.S Wealth Management, J.P.Morgan & Chase, New York City
— Jan 2019 – Apr 2021

Product Designer
Academy, New York City
— Oct 2018 – Jan 2019

Lead UI Designer
ContentSquare, New York City
— Jul 2017 – Sep 2018

Digital Design Professor
Touro College, New York City
— Aug 2016 – Present

Lead UX/UI Designer (Remote)
Evelyn Regly Digital Agency, New York City
— Jun 2013 – Dec 2017

UX Designer for Platform Support Services
Globo.com, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
— Oct 2009 – May 2013

Data Visualization Designer
Globo.com, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
— May 2007 – Sep 2009

More details about past experiences can be found on my LinkedIn.

Teaching Experience:

Adjunct Professor
Touro University, New York City
— February 2016 – Present

Touro offered me a design teaching position before finishing my Masters’s degree there. I decided to take it because of my passion for mentoring young professionals. I’ve helped 10+ students land their first job as designers throughout this time. Also, I led the curriculum transformation, updating it to focus on UX & UI and engaging students in portfolio-ready projects. The course enrollment increased by 30%.

Volunteer projects:

Team Lead Designer
— February 2016 – October 2020

Mission: alleviate the suffering of Brazilian kids with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), increasing their quality of life and that of their loved ones, whether through a material and emotional support or through information and awareness.

Degrees and Achievements:

Master in Web & Multimedia Design
Touro College, New York City – USA
2015 – 2016 | Grade: 4.0
* Class Speaker at the Commencement Ceremony

Bachelor of Graphic Design
Centro Universitário da Cidade, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
2005 – 2008 | Grade: 3.52
* Class Speaker at the Commencement Ceremony.

What I can do

secrets I have up my sleve

Deep understanding of users’ needs
I start a project collecting information about users and understanding the business goals. Before designing a single pixel, it’s essential to see if more research is needed or if we have a clear picture of the problem we should solve.

The interface experience
I can create seamless and intuitive product experiences that empower and delight users and achieve business goals.

Leadership through inclusion
A teammate is a person with a life outside work and a lot of experience that can bring a different understanding to specific situations. I prefer to understand people’s perspectives before making assumptions and work with empathy.

Go beyond
I like to have fun while working. It motivates me. Every project deserves my 100%, emotionally and psychologically. I tend to see UX in everything, whether a family dinner or a mobile app for a customer.

Design Tools:

— Figma & Figjam
— Adobe Creative Cloud
— Sketch
— Invision


— User interview
— Usability testing
— Data Analysis
— Surveys
— Wireframes
— User Flow
— Lo-fi & Hi-fi Prototypes
— Web (Responsive) & Native Mobile

Discovery Methodologies:

— Research
— Service Design
— Opportunity Solution Tree

How I do it

My creative process

How might we… ?

When I start a project, I like to follow a Design Thinking Process that combines empathy and creativity to solve human-centered problems. The outcome is to discover and ideate a solution into a prototype to help us understand the gaps, validate the user flows and guide the future work.

The basic process

I can user a variety of methodologies but, the most common process helps me create solutions through rapid prototyping and user testing. It’s divided into six steps to reach clearly defined goals and deliverables and gain critical learnings, quickly.

1 – Research & Understand
This is an immersive learning experience to understand users’ problems and brainstorm early ideas. The entire team is involved from the earliest stage (product, business, developers, and data analysts).

2 – Sketch & Wireframe
We collaboratively generate insights and explore different ways of solving pain points as an opportunity for innovation. Concept tests can be done here to narrow down large questions.

3 – Decide & Design
We choose which ideas to prototype first by evaluating them and prioritizing the development.

4 – Prototype
Develop a prototype, a low-cost and fast way to experiment and validate ideas envisioned in the sketch phase.

5 – Test & Validate
This is the moment to test and see live users interacting with the prototypes, hear direct feedback and validate the solution.

6 – Reiterate and Start development
It is essential to review the findings, absorb the learnings, adjust the experience accordingly then discuss the project’s next steps. We will now support developers implementing the project while we start over the next round.